Three generations devoted to philanthropic causes.

Originally from historical Armenia, the family’s ancestors fled the country during the Armenian genocide. Their resilient and innovative spirit, along with their ability to offer clients tailor-made services, enabled them to forge a story of success.

The family business started in 1951, when Melankton Arslanian established Arslanian Frères, a pioneer in international rough diamond trading. Later, his brother Haig joined him, and together they expanded their diamond activity. In 1973, Melankton’s son, Raffi Arslanian, joined the company and launched its next phase of expansion. Currently, the new generation of the Arslanian family, Raffi’s three sons, Garen, Nareg, and Sahag, manage the Arslanian Group, a leading player in the international diamond sector.

Since its initiation, the family business has been committed to ethical principles of integrity, and the Arslanian family members, across generations, have always prioritized active engagement in philanthropic causes by remaining deeply connected to their Armenian roots.

Initially, the Arslanian brothers became major benefactors of Armenia and its diaspora. Through their generous donations, several schools were established both in Armenia and Lebanon. In 1986, their benevolence enabled them to build the Melankton and Haig Arslanian Djemaran school. Following in his family’s footsteps, Raffi Arslanian continued his charitable actions in favor of the Armenian people. Accordingly, in April 2018, the Hamazakayin's Raffi and Anelga Arslanian Nursery was established thanks to the generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Raffi and Anelga Arslanian. Today, Garen, Lori, Nareg, Sahag and Lara continue to hold firm to their family’s humanitarian commitments. In 2020, the Arslanian Foundation was established to provide diverse means of support to Armenian families within Armenia and the diaspora. Lara Arslanian launched the Protect ARTsakh online charity art auction in 2020, and Anelga and Lori Arslanian have been actively managing the foundation and its different projects.