Dr. Anelga Arslanian, an Armenian-Belgian philanthropist, completed her medical degree from Université libre de Bruxelles in 1983. Over the years, she has been actively engaged in humanitarian work through offering her medical skills and expertise to an international health and human rights organisation that aims to provide healthcare to the most vulnerable populations.

In 2020, Dr. Arslanian, alongside her children, established the Arslanian Foundation which, over the years, has been focusing on enhancing the well-being of Armenians through providing better healthcare, educational opportunities, and agricultural resources. Her unwavering commitment to human rights initiatives has touched the lives of countless individuals, and specifically Armenians, bringing hope and a brighter future to the Armenian community.

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Lori Arslanian is an Armenian-Belgian jewelry designer, highly inspired by her deep connection to her Armenian roots and heritage. Having witnessed the tragic events of the 2020 Artsakh war and the suffering of her fellow Armenians, Lori launched a fund-raising initiative that has been showcasing Armenian handcrafted creations through yearly craft fairs.

The proceeds from these fairs are channeled towards assisting Armenian families who have been impacted by the war. Lori’s unique humanitarian spirit and empathetic nature is highlighted through the personal connections she establishes with the families she supports. Twice a year, she visits these families in Armenia and listens to their narratives and challenges. This direct engagement allows her to better grasp their needs, enabling her to tailor her assistance and support to their specific circumstances.

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Sahag Arslanian is a third-generation member of the Arslanian diamond family, who have been pioneers in the diamond sector since 1950. He co-founded Arslanian Group NV in 2013 and became a Board Member and the Chief Financial Officer – later the Managing Director- of the Group with a focus on expanding the firm globally.

In these capacities, he oversees all operational aspects of the company, recognized as one of the leading players in the international rough diamond business. Sahag is a Board Member and the Vice-President of the AWDC, the apex organization of the Antwerp diamond sector, as well as a member of leading Diamond organizations worldwide such as the World Diamond Council and the Vice President of the Armenian Jeweler Association (AJA).

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Nathalie Sevadjian specializes in marketing. She has a BA in Advertising and Communication. She has worked in the field of luxury watches and jewelry for more than 10 years. Nathalie is also a professional basketball player and represents Lebanon’s national team.

Nathalie joined the Arslanian Foundation in 2022. She is fully committed to the foundation’s mission of supporting Armenians, both in Armenia and Lebanon. She drives the Foundation's mission forward by overseeing various aspects of the organization, including websites, communications, marketing, finance, and control.

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Aelita Chobanyan completed her studies in Yerevan at the State University for Foreign Languages. As a student, she actively engaged as a volunteer in various projects, spanning environmental, humanitarian, and social initiatives.

In 2001, Aelita became the project manager of the Swiss humanitarian foundation, KASA. In 2010, she established a tourism agency that specializes in inbound tourism. In 2021, she founded an Adventure Tourism Center to promote her homeland. Following the conflict in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), Aelita, along with her friends, extended aid to numerous refugees. During this humanitarian effort, she met Mrs. Anelga Arslanian, who had also been actively involved in projects assisting refugees and families of fallen soldiers from the war. Aelita took charge of the management and coordination of visits to these families. She currently leads various development projects and represents the Arslanian Foundation in Armenia.

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